Newsletter – 2017

Another very happy and busy year for our RDA Group.

News of the activities and achievements of each of the different riding sessions are set out in the reports that follow below.    To read all this Newsletter please Click Here

Newsletter – 2016

This year has been as busy as ever.   The Group has grown – over 20 riders come to our various training classes.   News of their achievements can be found in the reports of the different group sessions below.   Carrington Junior School will be joining us in September on Tuesdays. To read all this Newsletter please click Newsletter

Chalfont Group Merger with Maidensgrove

In 2016 the riding stables Chalfont Group were using were sold and the Group was unable to continue.   Chalfont Group approached Maidensgrove to relocate their riders and have now formally merged.   Four riders and helpers and instructors from Chalfont hold a riding session on Tuesday at 12.00.


Lloyds Bank Community Fund Voting Scheme

Marie Holmes, one of our Helpers, put forward the Maidensgrove Group for this scheme at the Stokenchurch branch of Lloyds Bank, and we were one of four charities/good causes to be selected.

Thanks to the support of everyone who voted for us we came first, winning a very handsome prize of £3,000.